Tomáš Šelc specializes as a concert artist. He graduated of opera singing in the class of Peter Mikuláš at University of Music Arts in Bratislava – Slovakia. He graduated at Bratislava Conservatory where he studied opera singing with Alžbeta Michálková and choir conducting with Dušan Bill. In 2020, he received the Frico Kafenda Award for outstanding interpretative performances at home and abroad. He is a member of the Association of Concert Artists.
 As a soloist he cooperated with Kanazawa Symphony Orchestra (Japan), Johannesbourg Symphony Orchestra(SAR), Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz (Germany), Schleswig-Holstein Orchestra (Germany), Bamberger Symphoniker (Germany), Clemencic Consort (Austria), Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra (Germany), Zlín Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic), Dohnány Orchestra Budafok (Hungary), Orchestre National des pays de la Loire (France), Collegium1704 (Czech Republic), Musica Florea (Czech Republic), Ostrava Philharmonc Orchestra(Czech Republic), Savaria Baroque Orchestra (Hungary), Bohdan Warchal Chamber Orchestra (Slovakia), Solamente naturali (Slovakia) and others….
 As a soloist he performed at several major festivals: Johannesbourg International  Mozart Festival (SAR), Festival International de Santander (Spain), Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival (Poland), Prag Spring (Czech Republic), Bratislava Music Festival (Slovakia), Wratislavia Cantans (Poland), Easten Festival of Sacred Music (Czech Republic), Festival (Slovakia), Festival Konvergencie (Slovakia), Festival of Ema Destinova (Czech Republic), Central European Music Festival (Slovakia), Musica Nobilis (Slovakia), Festival of Jarmila Novotná (Czech Republic), Resonanzen (Austria), Oude Muziek Festival Utrecht (Nederlands), Randal Festival (Czech Republic), Royal Chapel of Palace of Versailles (France), Bratislava Old Music Festival (Slovakia), Epoché (Slovakia), Moravian Winter (Czech Republic) and others.
Since  2004  he  has  been  regularly  participating  in the  International  Schleswig-Holstein  Music Festival (Rolf Beck), since 2006, as an external choir member with Bamberger Symphoniker (Rolf Beck) and since 2013 he has been an external choir member with Collegium Vocale Gent (Philippe Herreweghe) and Clemencic Consort (René Clemencic). Since 2018, as an choir member and an soloist with Collegium1704 (Václav Luks) and Cappella Mariana (Vojtěch Semerád).
 In 2006 he took part  in the  International Singers’ Contest of  Imrich Godin  where he  won the first prize (category under 24 years of age) and was awarded as the best interpret of baroque music. In 2007 he collected several awards at the International Singers’ Contest  of Antonín  Dvořák in Karlovy Vary (Czech republic) – besides  the third  prize in  the category “Junior” he  won the  category “Song”, the  Award of the  Head of the Karlovy Vary  Country  and the Avard of  the  Foundation of Antonín  Dvořák for  the best  interpretation of Dvořák’s  songs.  In the  same year he won  the first prize at the Singers’ Contest of Slovak Conservatories. In 2008, besides the Award of the Foundation “OSA” (for the best  interpretation of  contemporary works  of Czech authors)  he achieved the first place in the category A  of  the  International  Singers’ Contest of Spiritual  and Concert  music organized  by the  Conservatory of Evangelic Academy in  Kroměříž. In the same year he  won the second prize at the International Singers’s Contest of Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský  in Slovakia.  In 2009 he participated in  theInternational Singers’ Contest  of Imrich Godin  where he won  the first prize (category  under 33 years  of age) and  was awarded  as the best interpret of the Contest.  In the same year he won the first prize in the category B and the award of the abolute laureate at  the International Singers’  Contest of  Spiritual  and Concert Music  organized  by the  Conservatory of Evangelic Academy in Olomouc (Czech republic). In 2010 he  took part in the  International Singer’ Contest of G. F. Händel in the Hungarian Eger where he achieved the first prize and the “Award of the Dohnanyi Orchestra” which includes the offer of cooperation in the season 2010/2011. In 2012 he won the first prize at the International  Singers’ Contest “Ad honorem Mozart” in Prag (Czech republic).
 In 2013 he debuted at the National Theatre in Brno, where he introduced the role of Masetto (Don Giovanni). In 2014 was presented again at the National Theatre in Brno, where he introduced the role of the Vicomte de Suze(Maria di Rohan) and the role of the Zuniga (Carmen), in the Slovak National Theatre, where he introduced the role of Publius (La Clemenza di Tito), the role of the First Nazarene (Salome), the role of the Taddeo (The King Teodoro in Venezia) and the role of the Maestro Spinelloccio and Amantio di Nicolaio (Gianni Schicchi). In 2018 he debuted at the National Theatre in Ostrava, where he introduced the role of Agamemnon (Iphigenia in Aulide) and the role of the Maestro Spinelloccio and Amantio di Nicolaio (Gianni Schicchi).
 In 2010 he participated in these CD recordings:  Gabriel Faure – Requiem (Conductor  Rolf  Beck) – publishing  Hänssler  Classic, Vladimír  Godár – Querela pacis (Conductor  Andrew  Parrott) – publishing Pavian Records, Works of Jan Levoslav Bella (Conductor David Porcelijn) – publishing Phedra. In  2012 he  recorded  his  first  profile CD – Alexander Albrecht: Biographie (songs) – publishing in Pavian Records. In 2013 he recorded his second profile CD – Church Music of Slovak Composers (with organ) – publishing in Music Forum. In 2014 he participated in these CD recordings: Mozart Lotz trio and friends (Conductor Robert Šebesta) – publishing Hevhetia andParatum Cor (Conductor Sylvia Urdová) – publishing in Serafin. In 2015 he participated in CD recording: The Italian Arias by Jan Dismas Zelenka (Conductor Peter Wagner) – publishing Accent. In 2017 he participated in CD recording: Deus meus et omnia (Conductor Sylvia Urdova) – publishing Serafin. In 2018 he participated in these CD recordings: Jan Dismas Zelenka – Missa 1724 (Conductor Václav Luks) – publishing Accent, Antonín Rejcha – Requiem (Conductor Zdeněk Klauda) and Cantatas of Jan Levoslav Bella (Conductor Andrew Parrott) – publishing Hudobne centrum. In 2020 he recorded his third profile CD – Das romantische Lied aus Presburg (songs by composers who composed in Bratislava) – publishing in Hudobne centrum. In 2021 he recorded his fourth profile CD – Biblical Songs by Antonín Dvořák and Marian Kittner – publishing in tsARTmusic. in 2022 he participated in CD recording: Marian Kittner – Requiem (Conductor Rastislav Štúr) – publishing in tsARTmusic.